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 1st for feet Chiropody Podiatry


 1st for feet Chiropody Podiatry


Michael graduated from the University of Ulster in 2009 and since then he has had a very keen interest in how the body functions especially the aches and pains that are generated via poor foot posture.
Having spent 8 years in the UK between private and NHS sectors working with consultant podiatric surgeons and consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons. It was during his time with the Orthopaedic team in which he helped develop a non-surgical pathway for patients who were not suitable or not keen on surgery.

Upon returning to Ireland in 2016 he undertook a community podiatry role which entailed him setting up a brand-new service for those in north Dublin where no service was available previously. During his time back in Ireland he completed his Masters in Podiatric surgery and continues to develop and train in this role.
During this time he has spent time consulting on podiatry projects which have won national awards for reshaping care as well as winning funding to develop this service to roll out nationally.
Michael has a keen interest in lower limb injuries including sporting injuries and children’s assessments allowing them to continue in their activities pain free as well as continuing in routine treatments for corns and calluses



Anita graduated from the University of Brighton in 2008 and since then she has had a keen interest in the skin care as well as diabetes and how it affects the feet.

She spent 9 years working within the NHS in London and returned to Ireland in 2016 to work in the HSE where she has continually developed foot services and improved patient care


She has won multiple awards nationally for reshaping care and has most recently led a successful national project to develop and scale foot services across South Dublin.

She is passionate about patient centred care and works in partnership with people to bring about the best treatment outcomes for them, ultimately striving to keep people as active, as healthy and as pain free as possible.