3D Gait Analysis

3D gait analysis

Your gait refers to the way you move your body when walking or running, and it can cause discomfort and injuries during exercise. At our clinic, we frequently see patients who are experiencing pain as a result of their gait.


At First For Feet, we utilize cutting-edge technology in the form of 3D gait analysis, which is a diagnostic tool that uses 3D motion cameras and sensors to accurately assess the way you walk or run. This advanced method eliminates any guesswork, providing a more scientific analysis of your gait.


Notably, we are among the first clinics to employ this technology in clinical practice.


Previous Disappointments

Have you visited numerous clinics in search of a solution to your foot or leg problem, only to be left disappointed with the results?


Have you invested a considerable amount of money on insoles or orthotics that failed to resolve your issue - or perhaps even worsened it?

Surgery Suggested

Has surgery been recommended to address your foot problem?

Reliance on Painkillers

Are you increasingly relying on painkillers just to get through the day?

Impacts Daily Life

Do you fear that your foot pain may be permanent, preventing you from returning to the activities that you enjoy?


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The Process

Following the initial assessment, we will place 39 reflective markers on your body, spanning from your hip to your foot. These markers are then used to create a lower limb skeleton model. You will be provided with time to familiarize yourself with the treadmill before we start collecting data.


During the assessment, we may vary the treadmill speed, footwear, and even add orthoses or heart rate strap monitors to gauge your response to fatigue.


The data gathered from this assessment provides real-life feedback that can uncover issues such as muscle weakness, balance problems, increased movement in specific areas, or incorrect technique, all of which can cause or contribute to injury. This information allows us to tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs.

Strength Testing and 3D Gait

In addition to 3D gait analysis, we often supplement our assessment with strength and flexibility testing to gain a comprehensive understanding of lower limb function, flexibility, and strength.


Combining these tests with the 3D gait analysis data provides us with a more complete picture of your lower limb function, and enables us to design a more personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.


Several of our patients have likened the process to a "MRI of how you walk or run", as it provides an in-depth view of your movement patterns and any underlying issues that may contribute to injury.

Is it for me?

While 3D gait analysis is a valuable tool, not everyone requires it. The 18,000 data points that it generates can be overwhelming for some individuals. During your assessment, we use a specific set of criteria to determine if 3D gait analysis is necessary.


Typically, individuals who have a history of recurring injuries or multiple injuries on one side of the lower limb are likely to benefit the most from a 3D gait analysis. Our team of experts will assess your individual needs and recommend the most appropriate diagnostic tools to help us diagnose and treat any underlying issues.


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