Does any of this sound like you?

Have you been hiding a verruca for an extended period, causing embarrassment and discomfort?

Are you concerned about the highly contagious nature of verruca and the possibility of spreading it to others?

Have you tried unreliable pharmacy treatments, such as toxic chemicals, with no success?

Do you spend considerable time covering it up with nuisance dressings every day?

Have you tried aggressive treatments like freezing or caustics with no positive outcome?

Have outdated treatments caused you pain or unpleasant blisters?
It's essential to seek qualified medical advice to address your concerns and receive safe and effective treatment options.

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What are verrucas

Verrucas can be a persistent and long-lasting virus, and commonly used pharmacy treatments may not always be effective, especially when the verruca shows no signs of weakness.


Many patients visit First For Feet Clinic with concerns about their contagious verrucas. Some have tried fiddling with daily dressings, while others have attempted outdated aggressive treatments, which have left them in pain or with unpleasant blisters. These patients are tired of dealing with the daily nuisance of verrucas and hiding them from others to avoid transmitting the virus or facing awkward questions.


First For Feet Clinic provides various verruca treatment options, including Verruca Microwave Therapy, which is a state-of-the-art procedure that removes the verruca without using scalpels or needles, leaving the virus with no place to hide.


Verrucas can be a frustrating and persistent condition to treat, and many individuals may feel disheartened when over-the-counter pharmacy treatments and home remedies fail to eliminate the virus. Seeking professional medical advice from a qualified podiatrist or dermatologist is crucial in determining the best course of treatment. Various options are available, including cryotherapy, chemical treatment, and microwave therapy, among others.


Determine whether you are developing a verruca by becoming more knowledgeable about its signs and symptoms.

Be informed of all your treatment options for verrucas.

Learn some useful tips that can help you slow down or stop the growth of verrucas.

Develop a plan to remain active without experiencing any pain caused by verrucas.

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If you are suffering with any of these symptoms fill in the form to request a Call From Our Team