Wart and Verruca Treatments

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 Verrutop Painless Wart and Verruca Treatment

Have you tried everything from the chemist and still can’t get rid of that verruca or wart on your foot?


Has it been hurting you or there for a long time and it bothers you taking your shoes and socks off?

Verrutop is a painless professional wart and verruca treatment with quick and effective results. With visible results from the first application, it has a high clearance rate:

  • Suitable for adults and children as young as 6

  • Painless treatment (during and after treatments))

  • 80% clearance in 4 applications

  • simple applications

  • Kills wart tissue

  • Skin is left intact underneath

 chiropody services

Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave Therapy.

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Occlusion Therapy

Occlusion Therapy is considered suitable for smaller and younger children. It is also recommended for those seeking a less invasive therapy option. Occlusion Therapy is pain-free. It involves regular debridement of the verrucae by a qualified podiatrist and self-treatment at home between appointments.